Push-It! "New" puzzle game !

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Push-It! "New" puzzle game !

Postby Jorj » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:59 am

Welcome to the world of Push-It! Prepare yourself for long nights scratching your head for the solution in this logical game. The goal of each level is to move the treasure chest onto the exit, with the character, using the WSAD or arrow keys. Sounds even possible to get stuck on a single level for some hours until getting that Eureka! moment. But is best for you to decide that !

- The game has 58 brain-teasing levels.
- 12 awards to unlock.
- 4 different endings.
- A distinguishing feature is that the player and in-game objects can be moved half a grid square. This is crucial to the unique type of puzzles found in the game.

More details and download : http://www.supersoft.ro/2013/07/pushit.html

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