Expanze - free turn base strategy

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Expanze - free turn base strategy

Postby HoupCZ » Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:28 pm

Expanze is a free turn-base strategy game inspired by The Settlers of Catan board game. You build towns and roads on a hexagonal map. In the towns you can build common buildings (a mine, a wind mill, a sawmill etc.) to get sources from near hexagons or you can build one of 3 special buildings (a monastery, a market, a fort) which can help you spread your island impact by inventing upgrades in them. The goals are different in each scenario -> different strategies you will need to use.

The game consist of a campaign with 15 scenarios and a free play for up to 6 players (human/computer) on 1 PC on randomly generated maps and with randomly generated goals.

There are two kinds of campaign scenarios. In some of them you are the only player on the map and you have to fulfill scenario targets in a limited time (turns). In other scenarios you compete other players and you have to fulfill scenario targets before your oponent does.

Main characteristics :

  • It will be a completely free game
  • Nonviolent turn-base strategy game
  • Great gameplay
  • Oldschool 3D graphics
  • Campaign with 15 scenarios against AI and time
  • Free play for up to 6 players (on 1 PC)
  • Randomly generated maps (in campaign too)
  • AI Opponents with different strategies
  • Music composed specially for the game




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