Lives Angry 2 (for mini-Game Contest 2010)

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Lives Angry 2 (for mini-Game Contest 2010)

Postby ahmedbna » Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:23 pm


after a long time , the realistic teamwork Issued the demo of the horror arabe game (angry lives )

This game took a great effort before we take it out

The game is very similar to the famous series of horror games (Resident Evil). And of course, is a kind of horror and fantasy

Style game : tps Third-Person Shooter

This demo consists several of a few levels but good , and this free version for everyone,we used realistic Textures from best games.
We are working on the animation and graphics by our team.We have taken care well to avoid errors as much as possible, all maps of this demo are created by teamwork and we did not take any maps from other games.

We created a lot of votes by the teamwork , and of course there are many sounds imported from some games.
the shader has been canceled in the game to avoid slowing down the game

For the control buttons:
asdw for the movement.
Mouse to rotate and look up and down
Mouse left button for running
space to open doors and to test things and jump
enter to confirm your choice.
ESC to get out of the events.

The game is designed in two versions( Arabic and English)

end, excuse us if there are mistakes in the game, the work of our lines are far apart from each other because of the distance between the designers of the game in both Egypt and Morocco.
and I hope to God that win the game satisfaction and satisfaction of everyone.


Amine harraicha
ahmed al bna


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Re: Lives Angry 2 (for mini-Game Contest 2010)

Postby Terex77 » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:46 am

just WOW

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