Sauerbraten Justice edition

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Sauerbraten Justice edition

Postby LavaWave » Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:15 am

A new Sauerbraten version is released, it's called the Justice edition which adds alot of new stuff, it can be found here

added new player models Inky and Captain Cannon by Geartrooper
added new MP maps by t-chen & MisanthropX (tempest), MisanthropX & Finn & t-chen (xenon), mIscreant (mercury), Nieb & Geartrooper (justice), Blindabuser & PainKillAH (fc5), KI113R & Redon & SkiingPenguins (alloy), TomekGNO (ruine), Kretren (core_refuge), KaiserTodretter (infamy, desecration), Nieb (bt_falls), viruz (abbey, tortuga), Jonlimle & Argh! & Nieb (injustice), Jonlimle & Nieb & Razgriz (curvy_castle), Nieb & Jonlimle (authentic), t-chen (duel7, duel8, mbt1, mbt2, mbt10, caribbean), MisanthropX & t-chen & Nieb (industry), Fatum (nitro), Vincent (suburb), BlikjeBier (akaritori), Nieb & Destroyer & MisanthropX & viruz (park), KaZ (dune), Justin (pitch_black), and Meister (osiris)
added trak5 texture set by TRaK
added "efficiency ctf", "efficiency protect", "hold", "insta hold", and "efficiency hold" game modes
green and yellow armour spawn delay is now partially randomized and do not spawn immediately
can return the flag to base in protect mode by dropping the flag on top of the base
if a player explicitly drops a flag in ctf mode, he can't pick it back up (only his teammates can)
added numbered base blips for capture modes (toggled via "basenumbers" var, contributed by NancyWilliams)
players are now notified of team switches, and team switches can only be done while dead (forces player to die if alive)
teleports now preserve velocity if third attribute of teledest is set to 1
smoothed out climbing of 1:1 stairs
added mini-map to radar
match time remaining is now displayed in minutes and seconds
added crosshair selection menu
can now change the texture configuration in-game of all textures within a selection (via "vrotate", "voffset", "vscale", "vscroll", "vlayer", "valpha", "vshaderparam", "vcolor", "vreset", and "vdelta" commands)
added support for alpha-blended textures (controlled via "editmat alpha", "texalpha", and "valpha" commands)
added color scaling for diffuse textures in all shaders (via "texcolor" and "vcolor" commands)
added support for fogging skybox (controlled via "fogdomemax", "fogdomemin", and "fogdomeheight" vars)
added support for coloring skybox (via "skyboxcolour" var)
sky-textured geometry no longer blocks skylight (controlled via "skytexturelight" var)
added multi-threading for "calclight" command (controlled via "lightthreads" var)
edit clipboard is now synchronized when a new player connects to a coop-edit
added "replacesel" command that only replaces textures within the current selection
added "shrinkmap" command for reducing oversized maps
cubes are now textured on all sides with the second texture slot by default
added optional Quake-like mouse acceleration (controlled via "mouseaccel" var)
added "reconnect" command for connecting to the last connected server
added optional wall clock (controlled via "wallclock", "wallclock24", and "wallclocksecs" vars)
added "conscale" var that controls the size of console text
added teamkill filter for console
added "screenshotdir" var that controls where screenshots are placed
"writeobj" command now exports texture assignments
revised vertex format to be more efficient on older/generic 3D cards
added GLSL render path (toggled via "forceglsl" var)
added support for uniform buffer objects to GLSL skeletal animation path
improved skeletal animation blending quality in fixed-function mode
added support for environment-mapped world geometry in fixed-function mode
added rotational friction for ragdolls to make them settle more quickly
revised collision detection to use Minkowski Portal Refinement (allows for easier extending of collision to new shapes)
improved adaptive sampling for calclight (faster "calclight 1")
added motion blur effect (toggled via "motionblur" var)
"deathscore" variable controls whether scoreboard is shown on death
scoreboard shows the server you are currently connected to (toggled via "showservinfo")
added "guinameslider" for selecting from a list of names with a slider
added "guialign" for creating aligned lists
added SMD and IQM model support (see models.html)

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Re: Sauerbraten Justice edition

Postby Dev » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:48 am

It's a really impressive game :)

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