Taking Over: Green Edition

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Taking Over: Green Edition

Postby Dev » Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:36 pm

Author: mogzdogz
Genre: 3D Shooter
Platforms: Windows
Rating: 67%

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Something is trying to take over your world! Whatever it is, it's green! Actually the whole game is.
In this 3D shooter your are to engage mechanical units who will fire missiles at you once detected. They also seem to move towards you, so close even that one of them was stuck on me rendering me unable to move or see. I soon eliminated the culprit with my XTERM gun and was (slowly) on my way.

The controls are fixed and are as follows:

Move: W,A,S,D
Shoot/zoom: mouse
Jump: spacebar
Quit: Escape

Taking Over is not the easiest game but can certainly be entertaining with a bit of practice.
So if you're not afraid of a bit of green, give it a go.

The game took several minutes to load on my core 2 laptop but it worked fine afterwards.

Graphics: 70/100
Gameplay: 65/100
Sound: 70/100
Difficulty: 65/100
Overall: 67%

Reviewed by Dev

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