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Postby ExC » Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:21 pm

Good to be back at Caiman :ooh: :4u:

Right now our team (I happened to be the boss, yay :D ) consist of 6 creators, and we are experimenting on few projects, whitch I won't tell about until we'll be sure they'll work out.

For now all finished projects were made before going to university, were the team expanded.
Here are those (you can find all of them here on Caiman, just search by the author):

Labas: the Uukhrull Dimension (part I : Troubles in Uukh)
Quite short arcade game, featuring tetris-block-looking character Labas. The game was made as a tribute to my first game created ever, whitch looked similar, but was lost during technical problems. Characters were borrowed from amateur comics, created by my older brother about decade ago.
The game covers one third of storyline I planned to do, but for now I've lost interest in this project, so it's unknown when second and third part will show up (though I keep remembering to myself that I should create them some time). This game was created in winter 2006.

Street Driver
A small primitive arcade game, with almost no storyline and so on. The only thing I'm proud about it - it was the first game to become aviable to larger audiences :blush: Spring 2006.

Symmetric Package
Quite easy logic game. Originally idea was started as Symmetric, after my succesful experiment of symmetric control of two different objects. Later it was adopted to fit in theme for Caiman TPS-2 contest. Originally created in the very end of 2006, adopted in spring 2007.

Foil Thief
For now - the best game I've completed. It's a platformer with (I believe) quite good graphics, dynamic gameplay and fluent coding. If I weren't so lazy, it might have turned out even better. Created in spring 2007 for TPS-2 contest.

Right now we don't have a website (well, we have one, but very primitive and Lithuanian only). I have hopes of translating, updating and expanding it this year.
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