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Postby Bodd » Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:20 pm

My main website

Link to the games page

Infiltration page
This is a game I have been working on for some time that I was making when helping to develop
the GCS engine and GCNextAI which are now defunct, I have done 29 levels and some day I am hoping to finish it, although the
engine was never really completed it has enough functionality to make a complete stand alone game with a few tweaks.

Prezzie Hunt page
This game started as a 1 level test project and became very popular, so much so that I have added
a new level every Christmas for the last 6 years. I am pleased to say it was a favourite of Rudy's and
I dedicated the latest installment which was released December 2010 to him ( see the title screen of version 6 ).

The Reiver page
I started making this when checking out Reality Factory and have a couple of working levels but
I am not sure if I will continue it as the AI scripts are over complicated and it is the devil's own job
just to get an AI character to recognise the player let alone anything else

Amiga page
Just some info on old Amiga games and programs I made, I originally made Infiltration on the Amiga
and it won Game of the Month in the UK version of Amiga Format Magazine
though I hasten to add that there was not a lot of competition at the time as the Amiga computer was just about finished.

Game made in 3 weeks for the 2010 MiniGame competition.

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