Rules and Regulations (updated for 2012)

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Rules and Regulations (updated for 2012)

Postby Namo » Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:40 pm

Forum Rules
    1. Try to keep the foul language to a minimum. If you link to something that contains foul language, warn about it.

    2. Do not incite or instigate flame wars. In that same vein, do not flame anyone. If you're being flamed or you notice someone who is, contact a staff member and we'll deal with it. There's nothing wrong with healthy debate, but keep the ad hominem and mud-slinging to the politicians. If you must, take your debate to PM. Additionally, do not bring an argument from one topic into another for the sake of being callous.

    3. Do not be politically incorrect. This includes racism, sexism, and religiously-offensive comments.

    4. Speak properly. "L337-Speak" and overuse of AOL-isms is not tolerated.

    5. Make sure your signature isn't too big. If your signature is bigger than a playing card turned on its side, it is too big.

    6. Do not post links to warez or game ROMs. Abandonware is accepted.

    7. Do not post any sexually explicit material. Simple nudity is allowed, but post a warning about it first.

    8. Your avatar and signature should not contain rapidly flashing images.

    9. Staff decisions are final 99 percent of the time. Do not evade bans; that will make your ban sentence longer or even permanent.

    10. Try not to be inactive for too long. We don't want a user-list filled with non-posters. Most of our boards are free to read to non-members. If you are inactive for too long we will have to delete your account.

    11. Keep the nonsense to a minimum.

Game approval process:
    1. Once you submit a game to the "Submissions and Updates" forum, a staff member will review it in the reviews forum. The review will say whether or not the reviewer approves the game onto the site.

    2. At least two other staff members will read the review and say if they also approve.

    3. The majority ruling wins; if there are two comments of approval, your game is on the site. This also means if there are two "not approved" comments, your game will not go on the site. However, the review will remain on the forum for other people to discover.
      However, you can plead your case to see if we'll reconsider. You can resubmit your game as many times as you like.
    A few pointers on getting approved:
      Make sure your game is fun. It doesn't have to innovate or do anything spectacular, it just has to be fun.
      Try to use your own assets if possible. Make your own graphics and music or have someone make them for you. If that's not a viable option, then make sure the game is at least fun.
      Fan-games are okay by us! If you want to pay tribute to your favorite game series by making a game of your own, go for it! Just make sure it's fun.

About premade graphics:
    Please note - games that use premade/stock graphics from tools such as Game Maker, Construct, MMF2, etc., will NOT be accepted on the site, even if credit is given to the authors of the tools.

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