The Lost One-Chapter 1 (WiP)

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The Lost One-Chapter 1 (WiP)

Postby 11clock » Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:54 pm

This is the first chapter of a series of games I'm making, The Lost One. They are about a guy who was kidnapped when he was a baby. 18 years later he's a pro ninja seeking to take out the Kidnapper, an evil villain who has been behind the kidnappings of children for over 30 years. In the first chapter Kleeg and his friend, White, are on a mission to storm one of the Kidnapper's factories in hopes of finding information on his plans. The first chapter will have 5 levels, 5 types of enemies, and comics that explain the story as you go through the game. Right now I have a demo with 2 levels and 3 types of enemies.
Use the arrow keys to move, jump, and duck. Hold the Z key to throw ninja circles.

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