Oriental Yeti Captured In China

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Oriental Yeti Captured In China

Postby Nicholas » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:35 pm

A strange hairless creature dubbed as Oriental Yeti was captured in China yesterday.

The beast was captured by hunters in ancient woodlands of China’s Sichuan province after some locals reported that they had seen a bear-like animal.

A hunter Lu Chin explained that creature as “a bit like bear but it doesn’t have any fur and has a tail like a kangaroo”. It also doesn’t sound like a bear and its voice resembles more of a cat than a bear. It was found calling someone and it looked like that it was looking for its rest of the family members.

Oriental Yeti is now scheduled to make a voyage to Beijing where the scientists will perform tests and take DNA samples of the bizarre creature to identify the species of the animal.

There’s also popular legend in the locality which is about a man who was transformed into a bear. Locals think the caught creature is the same mythical creature.

Many of you would be wondering about the strange name of the creature and how did it get it in the first place while few of you might be compelled to ask, isn’t a yeti supposed to be a hairy creature?

For those of you who still have no ide of what a yeti is, well a Yeti isa mythological creature with an ape-like body and is said exist in the Himalyan region.Yeti is also referred to as abominable snowman or is similar to Bigfoot of North America.

Though the scientific community overwhelmingly regards the Yeti as a legendary creature but the discovery of Oriental Yeti is bound to spark a new interest regarding the creature.

Source: http://www.buzztab.com/information/orie ... red-china/


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Re: Oriental Yeti Captured In China

Postby Dev » Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:58 pm

:o Looks like a bald heyena though, but that wouldn't explain the tail.

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Re: Oriental Yeti Captured In China

Postby luna1sierra » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:10 pm

so not a yeti....looks like a hairless cat or red panda


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